Bigger Than Football

 Soccer World Cup

As Calgary starts making plans to watch the FIFA final on Sunday I thought it was a good time for this article. Sports have played a vital role in the development of societies through out history. Now some of you might be skeptical and ask what do sports have to do with the UN? Why would we invest resources in sports when there are a million and one compelling challenges that we face as a society?

I love watching and playing sports because of the sense of community it brings with it. Don’t get me wrong sport is a complicated phenomenon. Sometimes it can leads to violence, with the occasional head butting and biting incidents rather than promoting peace and good competition.  However, if monitored carefully, sport has a unique ability to inspire, mobilize and bring people together in a healthy competitive environment. (more…)

Sports & Peace: How the FIFA World Cup Unites


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It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup – after all, it is the Olympics of football (commonly known as ‘soccer’ in North America) for millions of fans and it is hailed as being the great global unifier by FIFA and promotional companies around the world. Sweat, tears, dramatic dives, cheers and the roars of a fans in stadiums and bars. What is it about the FIFA World Cup that gets total strangers high fiving and hugging each other? (more…)

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