• April 21, 2017

    Speaker Series & Reception Event: MMIW

    Elder Doreen Spence, Traditional Healer & Registered Nurse, Developed the UNs Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

    Gabrielle Scrimshaw, Activist & Entrepreneur, Co-founder &   President of Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada

    Nicole Robertson, President & Chief Communications Specialist Muskwa Productions & Consulting

    When: Friday, April 21, 2017 | 6:00 to 8:00 PM
    Where: Sandman Hotel City Centre | 888 7th Avenue SW Calgary, 2nd Floor
    Tickets: 20 per person.RSVP at scrimshaw-and-reception.eventbrite.ca

    Speaker’s event will be followed by reception & launch of UNAC Calgary’s academic journal, International Blue – Moxie’s Lounge (2nd Floor) | 8:15 to 9:00 PM

  • March 15, 2017

    Calgary Peace Prize Ceremony

    Join us in celebrating the 2017 recipient of the Calgary Peace Prize, the Honourable Douglas Roche, O.C. for his long and sustained efforts towards international peace building and for raising awareness on human security issues and nuclear disarmament.

    When: March 15, 2017
    Where: Jack Singer Concert Hall 205 – 8 Ave SE
    Tickets: $8 – $100

    Presented by Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Arts, Peace Studies Initiative

  • February 6, 2017

    What do the UN’s Global Goals mean to you and your community?

    On Monday, February 6th, join us for discussion on the Global Goals with Kate White, President and CEO, United Nations Association in Canada.

    When: Monday, February 6, 2016

    Where: Kahanoff Conference Centre

    105 12 Avenue Southeast, 2nd Floor, Room 208

    Tickets: Free admission. $5 donation is requested

    RSVP: unac-calgary-katewhite.eventbrite.ca


Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill, or die for. And no religion too[1] – John Lennon, most certainly a dreamer, proposes a romanticised reality where a brotherhood of man shares the world equally in the year 1971. Today, Lennon’s dream has still yet to blossom.

Imagining[2] is hard to do when country borders define your odds of survival based on monotheism of intellectual property (“IP”) rights. The rate at which innovation in health care has developed is undeniably impressive, yet the dispersion of its fruit is anything but. A recent social justice project from São Paulo seized my attention to the subject, as it advocated for a prejudice-free society on behalf of human immunodeficiency virus (“HIV”) positive people. More

Examining the Challenges Facing Crimea Post-Annexation

In March 2014, unmarked Russian troops entered Crimea – sparking an international diplomatic crisis. The same weekend, Alberta Intercollegiate Model United Nations was being hosted at Mount Royal University. I was representing the Russian Federation and quickly needed to research Crimea and the crisis to defend my position at this conference. After several days of vigorous debate, my co-delegate and I went went on to win best delegation at the award ceremony. This topic continued to be widely discussed worldwide for the next few years as more conflicts arose in Ukraine and the fate of Crimea and its people remained uncertain. More